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What Success REALLY Is?

Is success about having ten million dollars in your bank account and driving a Lamborghini Aventador, or maybe it’s living penniless but free in harmony, singing to the birds, talking to the trees?

Is success about sleeping with countless hot sexual partners, or maybe about finding that one special soulmate, a person you can truly love?

Maybe it’s about having the job or career you like?

The answer is already inside of you. All you need to do is meditate regularly and listen to yourself.

You will get your answer, trust me on this one. I can’t give you exact answers to your life as I don’t know you personally. In fact, no one else on this planet can. However, I can tell you what success surely isn’t.

Success is not about finishing a great university and having this great career and making lots of money (or saving like crazy all the time) while being constantly busy, just so you can finally spend it to buy a bad-ass low-rider wheelchair to impress the doctors, when you’re retired, 70 years old and in a nursing home.

Success is not about being a prick and making this world a worse place. If you’re making money on other people’s suffering, stupidity, addictions, bad circumstances or even naivety, destroying nature or making animals suffer, you’re not a cool guy and you’re not a gangster either. Not because Buddha said so.

“While all these ugly gentlemen play out their foolish games, there’s a flaming red horizon that screams our names.”

You’re then just a child in the fog, literally hurting yourself without even knowing it, and I’m not even being spiritual now. Life slaps badly.

Success is not about relying on external sources either. If you have to constantly kiss someone’s butt to stay where you are and you think you are successful, think again. If you aren’t self-reliant and you have all your eggs in one basket, relying on one man’s decision to change your life for better or worse, this is a situation worth changing as soon as possible.

Success is not about pursuing your success and the dreams of your life so hard that you can’t appreciate what’s in front of you right now. If you don’t appreciate what’s here for you now, you are not even truly alive. Success is not about pursuing your success so badly that you neglect your health either. Your body is your temple. If you don’t take care of it, where are you going to live?

Success is not about becoming an expert in everything, an “uncle good advice” or a guru, telling people around you how to live, when you are clearly not being asked for your opinion.

Success is not about being addicted to your success, money, position or anything else. Real mindful success is about nonattachment.

Success is not about arrogance or being an ungrateful, self-centered prick and a show-off, shouting out loud “Hey! Over here! Everyone, look at me! I am so awesome! I am going to have a tattoo of myself on my forehead soon!” It’s not about making others jealous either. It’s not to “show them” (although it might be fun). You always do it only for yourself and for the people you love.

Success is not about controlling everything and everyone around, but about controlling your own emotions.

Success is not about forgetting why you wanted to be successful at something or live your dream life in the first place.

For me, success is about doing what you like, when you like, how you like, with who you like and as long as you like.

It is about being able to live in the country you want, in the city you want, and having the view outside of your window as you’ve always wanted it to be. It’s about being able to choose your own fate, being free to live, being free to travel and free to see the world; about having time to be creative. The world is your playground, too, so refuse to follow.

It’s about being healthy both physically and psychically, at peace with yourself and your emotions, as well as people around you; your friends, your family, your community.

Success is about awareness and mindfulness, truly knowing and understanding yourself first; accepting your flaws, working on changing them if possible and knowing your strengths; being self-confident; loving yourself, so you are able to truly love others. It’s about self-discipline and the passion of the journey.

It’s about being able to communicate with people effectively, expressing what you want and getting what you want from life.

It’s about being able to take a day off and have a nice bike ride in the forest, a road trip or a sweet relaxing time at the beach, just because you want to.

It’s about being able to open another bottle of wine with that beautiful girl or handsome guy at 3 p.m., not worrying about having to wake up at 6 a.m. to spend another day at a boring job. It’s about being able to spend as much time with your kids as you want.

It’s about not having to worry about bills and mortgages anymore, about having your golden years safe and secure, while enjoying the heck out of your current life.

It’s about being independent and self-reliant as much as possible, but knowing that you have loving people around you who are willing to help you if you stumble, people who truly care about you.

It’s about a constant hunger for life, for new things and experiences, for new knowledge, about getting higher and higher, while appreciating the present moment and being grateful for all that you already have or had in your life.

It’s about seeing a glimpse of real gratitude and hearing the sincere “thank you” from someone whom you were truly able to help, someone whose life you helped change for the better.

Success is about the constant celebration of life.

It’s about connecting with people who are headed in the same direction so we can support each other on our journey.

It’s about being able to help the people around you, all the people you love. It’s about being able to help people from all around the globe.

It’s about becoming a better person, for the sake of your loved ones and the sake of this entire planet.

It’s all possible if you develop your awareness and self-consciousness enough. It’s all possible when you are mindful and you start seeing the reality as it really is, living in the moment and squeezing every drop out of each single day.

So . . . what is success to you?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments. I will be happy to engage in a discussion with you!

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